Saski nie śpij english

Saski nie śpij! is an art project which was realized in july 2017 in The Saxon Garden in Warsaw. It is a continuation of our (collab with Agnieszka Wasilewska) diploma project at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (professor Węcławski`s Graphic Arts Studio). The idea was to show inhabitants and tourists that the best known downtown park remembers also something else than only famous Saxon Palace.


There were great times through the 300 hundred of The Saxon Garden existence. It was the most popular place for sociable, cultural and business meetings. We had so many small and bigger amazing architectural objects among those floral alleys, like a Summer Theatre, House of a Gardener, Dairy or A Great Parlour – setter of the Saxon Axis. Unfortunately, Second World War destroyed this place totally.

So, we decided to apply few quite abstract art installations on the present Saxon Garden map as part of a Saski nie śpij! project. They were refering to the meanings and functions of the old architecture.

We are also working on a book guide right now. More info you will find in KSIĄŻKA fold, on the project website (Polish only).

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Metro Świętokrzyska, lipiec ’17