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Saski Project was a diploma project realized with Agnieszka Wasilewska in Pracownia nr 6 at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The idea refers to the fascinating history of The Saxon Garden in Warsaw which had its big time in XVIII and XIX century. In those days we had many of amazing architectural objects in this area and also the city life was centered there. Unfortunately, after the Second World War this magnificent Warsaw Garden was totally destroyed and we don`t remember its greateness anymore.

Our idea is about remind those archictural objects using quite abstract art installations. Integral part of a project is also a website with historical curiosities and garden map with icons refered to the old architecture and our art interferences.

Project was realized indeed in july 2017. Photos are >here<.

Summer Theatre, Dairy+House of Gardener, The Soda Water Arbor / fot. Anna Szmuda
Dairy+House of Gardener / fot. Anna Szmuda
Newspaper Stand fot. Anna Szmuda
Newspaper Stand fot. Anna Szmuda

Court of Bokum fot. Anna Szmuda
Milk Drop Pavilion fot. Filip Kowalski


Lessel`s Bakery
Lessels`s Bakery fot. Anna Szmuda
The Soda Water Arbor fot. Anna Szmuda
Summer Theatre fot. Anna Szmuda


Mały Salon fot. Anna Szmuda
fot. Filip Kowalski
Meteorological Stand fot. Kamil Zaleski
fot. Anna Szmuda
fot. Kamil Zaleski
A Great Parlour fot. Kamil Zaleski
fot. Filip Kowalski


fot. Filip Kowalski

more photos → Pracownia nr 6

Diploma was realised in professor Andrzej Węcławski, dr Mateusz Dąbrowski and dr Kamil Zalewski studio at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2016.